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Digital World Travel

 Just, as we cannot guarantee risk free travel on the highways, the air, or by sea.

 We cannot guarantee 100% risk free travel in the ever expanding Digital World.

However, we can try to help you limit the risks!

While the internet undoubtedly presents fantastic opportunities for children, it is equally clear that there is a real opportunity for children to be put at risk by their exposure to material and/or individuals which may be harmful. With the rapid evolution of internet technology, through internet on mobile phones and camera phones, parents need to understand that access to the internet is becoming increasingly diverse and therefore increasingly difficult to supervise.


Kate’s Safe Travel Tips

YouTube Replaces Manuals

Certainly, the research I've undertaken doesn't paint a very rosy picture of the influence of some technologies on children. However, I was reminded yesterday that it's not always all bad!

YouTube Replaces Manuals

Copyright and Photos

Since Facebook launched, it has been recorded that users have uploaded more than 219 billion photos. Many of these were personal photos from holidays, a family party or pictures of pets. But unfortunately people also uploaded photos from public events, pictures of their favorite celebrities and other miscellaneous photos they have found on the Web.

Though, it's a common practice to share images on many social media platforms. Did you know you could be civilly or criminally liable for posting certain kinds of photos?

Copyright and Photos

Chain Letters

In recent weeks iMessenger has caused me some concern! I have had several reports from students of incidents with iMessenger that could be technically classified as cyber bullying and also harassment.

Chain Letters

Scam Watch

I’ve talked a lot about the scams that plague users of the internet super Highway. One of the ways I try and keep up to date with what to watch out for is by making a regular rest stop, on my journey at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Webpage SCAMwatch. I would recommend registering your email details with this site as they send out email warnings when scams have been identified and or the activity has increased. Many scams details are found under the tabs below on the site.

 Scam Watch

Zues Virus Alert

Protecting Users is a Shared Responsibility.

Reports this week in the media is that a nasty Trojan virus nicknamed Zeus has been rapidly spreading throughout social media outlets like Facebook via links to fake Web pages.

Zues Virus Alert

Digital Age

Computers and the Internet have facilitated a massive change in how we can live our lives. Together, they have helped us leap into the "Digital Age".

We live in an age where information is instantly and readily available to more people than ever before.

Although it may be easier to communicate with people today, than perhaps ever before, the amount of digital information and media at our fingertips can be overwhelming at times!

Digital Age

Sexting and 3rd Party Use of Phones

In the past week there has been much in the media locally and nationally about the issue of sexting. Firstly for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term.


Sexting is the sending of provocative or sexual photos, images, messages or videos using a mobile phone or posting online. Once you’ve sent a picture or message, it’s out of your control. Images posted online can be almost impossible to remove and they may come back to haunt you anywhere and anytime well into the future.

Sexting and 3rd Party Use of Phones

Recommended Apps

Adults are starting to trust their kids with their smartphones, but can children trust the grown-ups to download the best apps?

Recomended Apps

Big Hill Modern Communication

Big Hill Primary does not support the use of social media ‘Facebook’ by its students. Who by definition are under the legal age of use, which is 13! Or the practice of Tagging especially when it portrays students in or out of uniform, on the school grounds.

We do support the progressive ideas of our current Parents and Friends group who have embraced Facebook as a popular means of communication and are now using it as a form of communication between itself and parents on a trial basis. They are not the first and won't be the last! As many other schools have begun to communicate with their communities in this way.

Big Hill Modern Communication

Is Tagging Safe?

How much is too much information when it comes to sharing on Facebook? When does sharing become oversharing, and when does it become a personal safety risk? In recent weeks we have been alerted to the fact that some of our children have been tagged in photos on Facebook without parental permission. The worrying part about this practise is that sometimes these photos depict the children in their school uniform. This is not a condoned school practise.

Is Tagging Safe


It’s good to be extra careful whenever you go online using a network you don’t know or maybe even trust, like using the free Wi-Fi at your local café or jumping onto an unprotected Wifi network. Be aware that the service provider of that network can monitor all traffic on their network, which could include your personal information.


Lock It!

My questions for this week are…

Would you go out for the day and leave your front door wide open? Leaving your house and contents unprotected!

Do you leave your computer, phone or device unlocked?

Lock It

Avoid the Scams

No, you probably haven’t won the lottery. You really can’t make that much working from home. And if you think that deal is too good to be true it probably is!

The internet can be a great place; unfortunately not everyone online has good intentions! Cyber criminals are developing more and more ways to scam the unsuspecting digital traveller!

Avoid The Scams


The digital highway is becoming increasingly congested not just with the amount of information available to us at the tips of our fingers but also with the rules of the road. Like any other road there are road rules.


10 tips for Cyber Safety

The internet and mobile phones provide a great way to communicate and express yourself with others, but it’s important to make sure they’re used responsibly so that everybody has an enjoyable online experience.

It’s all about respecting yourself and others.

10 Tips for Cyber Safety

Too Sexy Too Soon

Parents, professionals and government have become increasingly concerned about a media industry that exploits children and their wellbeing to sell products.  The sexualisation of children can occur from an early age. If a child is exposed to sexually provocative media, whether it’s a music video on TV or a computer game, they can learn distorted concepts about themselves, affecting self-esteem and the development of a healthy body image.  This negative impact on children’s self-image may affect their life expectations.

Too Sexy Too Soon

Risks of the Internet Revisited

As we draw closer to the holidays, now is the time to reacquaint ourselves with the risks associated with the use of unsupervised internet at home. We all know the Internet offers many positive educational and social benefits to our children, but unfortunately there are risks, too. As in any other area of life, children are vulnerable and may expose themselves to danger, knowingly or unknowingly, when using the internet and other digital technologies. And unfortunately, some children may find themselves involved in activities which are inappropriate or possibly illegal. 

Risks of the Internet Revisited

To Webcam or Not to Webcam

Children and teens of today’s Digital World are becoming used to regularly sharing their lives with the world on blogs, email, chat and social networking sites.

Most of us are aware and acknowledge the fact, that children younger than the required or stated age are creating accounts on many social media platforms, by using false information. We must then acknowledge that this is a practise not just limited to children, but also to those with intent to do harm! These individuals also use false information to create false identities for unsavoury purposes.

Webcam or Not to Webcam

The Dangers of YouTube

There is much publicity in the media about how dangerous Facebook is for underage users, but have you ever considered that YouTube could be just as bad, if not worse! The good, the bad, and the truly ugly! It's all there on YouTube.

 The Risks of YouTube 

Avoiding Questionable Internet Sites

I remember when the Internet first started to get popular. Every communications from anyone was exciting and interesting. Then, people started getting emails from sources they knew nothing about with an instruction to CLICK HERE! Curios people like myself, clicked and complied. As a result email addresses were confirmed, put on a list and sold to spammers along with others in bulk for a nice price. Many of us were hit by spam and this is just one way spammers got and continue to get our information.

The traps in the Internet world abound and attack when you least expect them too. No matter how many you block using your anti-virus software’s, new ones are constantly coming along! They are relentlessly fishing for mischief and we really have only one defence against them!

PAUSE before you interact 


Avoiding Questionable Internet Sites

Spyware and Viruses

How much do you really know about Viruses, Spyware, ScareWare, Trojans, and Worms? These are some of the words that are feared by most of us who use computers. It’s a general belief that, viruses are closely associated with all the weird and nasty things that happen on our computers. Even if something happened and it has nothing to do with viruses, most would blame it on a virus!

Spyware and Viruses

What does it all mean?

What are our children talking about, is it a foreign language or are they speaking in a dialect only know to them?

Social media has taken the world by storm. There's no doubt about that, it is but a fact. People talk about all things social media and networking every single day, whether it be at work, in business or even personally with friends. You've probably overheard groups of people talking about the latest gossip on Facebook yourself, it really is everywhere. People talk about it so regularly now, that language which is associated with social networking has officially made into the Oxford English Dictionary. This helps prove just how substantial sites like Facebook and Twitter are in today’s professional and personal worlds.

 The Language of Social Media


Have you heard of it? Do you know what it is?

Police are warning that a fast-growing digital extortion racket is attacking Australian  home PC users and business. It involves international criminals who lock up data on a computer and then demand a ransom for the data to be given back

Click on the link below to learn more: 

Ratings on Games and DVD's

Age ratings are systems used to ensure that entertainment content, such as films, videos, DVDs, and computer games, are clearly labelled for the age group for which they are most suitable. Age ratings provide guidance to consumers particularly parents to help them decide whether or not to buy a particular product.

Click on the link below to read more:

What Do Ratings on Games and DVDs mean?

Lyrics in Popular Songs

Children love their music, and music appreciation is something parents should encourage. But have you ever gasped when listening to pop music with your child or blushed when watching music videos? Explicit lyrics and images are the norm, so how do you handle it when your child's musical choices push the envelope on good taste or age appropriate content?

Click on the link below to read more:

Do You Really Listen to the Words in Songs?

Online Personalities

Whether you are at a social function, responding to comments on your Facebook account or jumping into the party on Twitter, it doesn’t take long to figure out that there are different types of personalities and different moods to navigate on social media. Say the wrong thing to the right person at the wrong time and you could be in for a heavy dose of “Oh no, you didn’t!” in the public stream, which is no fun for anyone!

Online Personalities

Addiction Revisited

Are you raising a technology addicted child?

Most parents are slowly recognizing that what starts out as an innocent distraction and fun way to integrate technology into our lives can easily turn into a full blown addiction to the games and gadgets that our children now have access to all the time! In many homes, getting kids to turn off their mobile phones, shut down the video games, or log off of Facebook can incite a revolt. And if your children say they need to be online for schoolwork, you may not know when the research stops and idle activity begins!

So what is a digital parent to do?

Online Addiction

Keeping Up With The Chat

Are you confused by the acronyms used in chat?

 Chat acronyms and lingo move fast, even for people who are already in the know!

Keeping Up With The Chat 

Don't Feed the Trolls

Much has been said in the media of late about trolling on social media.

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

 Don't Feed the Trolls

 Facebook Concidering Lowering Account Holder Age

Facebook claims that very day they remove access to 20,000 members under the age of 13 for lying about their age. The question we ask ourselves is… Why would children lie about their age? The answer is simple; generally they lie about their age because under the Facebook user agreement under 13′s are not supposed to create a Facebook account. Unfortunately the in thing is to have an active Facebook account!

 Facebook Lowering Age

 It Doesn't End in the Classroom

We’re all overwhelmed with how to prepare our kids to be citizens of a future world we can’t even imagine yet. One of the most important thing adults today can do for the next generation is to work in partnership with other parents and teachers to create a village of support when it comes to digital technology use.

 It Doesn't End in the Classroom!

Internet Scams

Scams are not unique to the Internet, they have occurred for centuries. The Internet, however, allows for scams to have a much greater coverage. These scams may intend to defraud you of money or attempt to steal your personal details this is referred to as identity theft.

Internet Scams


A national social media campaign, coordinated by the Australian Government, on the damaging effects of bullying will be developed to help get the message across to students and parents about how to cope with the growing problem.

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. By definition, it occurs among young people. When an adult is involved, it may meet the definition of cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking, a crime that can have legal consequences.

How is it different to face-to-face bullying?

While cyberbullying is similar to face-to-face bullying it also differs in the following ways:

  • it can give the person doing the bullying a sense of being anonymous
  • it can occur 24/7 and be difficult to escape
  • it is invasive and you can be targeted while at home
  • it can have a large audience - sent to groups or posted on a public forum
  • it can be permanent 
  • Cyber Bullying

How Much is Too Much?

How much time is too much time online?

Like mine, your family has probably slipped into the routine of the school term with the relative ease of a veteran. Free time, once abundant, is now measured and suddenly more preciously guarded as parents look more carefully at what their children are doing with their time. “Play time” for many parents still includes a healthy dose of exercise and/or learning. So how do we, as parents, reconcile the time our children spend in front of a gaming console or computer games? The answer is “moderation, balance and quality”.

By moderation I mean that our children’s use of their ever growing electronic arsenal should not take up an excessive amount of their free time. The question we must ask ourselves as parents is…

Is it healthy for our children to spend all or most of their free time playing computer games, console games like Play Station, Xbox and Wii?

Another important question is….

If they are gaming online.

Online Addiction

Respecting Online Privacy

We talk a lot about keeping ourselves protected online; the other side of the coin that we must also consider is how to respect the privacy of others while online.

Before posting think…

Could we be harming family, friends or colleagues with the information we are sharing with others online? 

Respecting Online Privacy

Locational GPS

Smart Phones are here to stay! Denying this fact can inadvertently cause security holes to be opened by both parents and children.

Although these devices bring mobility, connectivity and productivity.

They can also bring or leave us open to potential risk.

If we lose our phones we run the risk of

  • Unauthorised access to personal data
  • Unauthorised calls
  • Unauthorised access to networks
  • Inappropriate use of internet.

These are all the usual risks we run when we lose any type of mobile phone.

Now with the ever growing use of smart phones to take and upload photos to social media, we run a far greater risk of exposing ourselves and our families to potential harm!

Locational GPS

Password Protect

Using a strong password is among the most important steps you can take to protect your computer from hackers and other unwelcome users and to help to protect your children from accidental exposure to inappropriate content on the internet. There are many password facilities within your basic software applications. 

Password Protect

Disconnect to Reconnect

Technology is a wonderful thing. In many ways it’s why we enjoy a high level of comfort in our lives, improving our working and living conditions. But do you think our reliance on technology goes too far? Or is technology merely a tool for social development?

Disconnect to Reconnect

Personal Information

When your child spends time on the computer, do you know what he or she is doing or who he's or she is communicating with? A study by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children revealed that, while a majority of parents reported that they talked to their children about Internet use and established rules for the safe use of the computer, less than half of them regularly checked their child's activity on the Internet. In addition, over half of the children surveyed did not need parental permission to use the Internet and didn't have any restrictions as to the number of hours they could spend on the Internet.

Personal Information

Internet Security

Children and adults who are using the internet potentially have the world at their finger tips.

But that access can also pose hazards.

For example, a child might attempt to conduct an online search for Lego and in one mistroke of the keyboard, the word Legs is entered instead.

That search may produce thousands of websites with a focus on Legs, some of which may contain material that is inappropriate.

Internet Security

Digital Foot Print

Technology is an easily accessed, ever evolving tool. However, every time you use it; you leave a trace of yourself. This is called your Digital Foot Print, think of it as your cyber paper trail. Unlike footprints in the dirt or sand that eventually fade away, your Digital Foot Print never fades or goes away. It’s like a road map of your Travels through the Digital World. These foot prints are almost impossible to erase. Traces of yourself are left when you email, send a text or an uploaded image. So travel safely with these simple hints. Some information is classed as your passive digital footprint or digital shadow such as your name and address, images of you on a surveillance camera, information about your web searches, credit card purchases, and even the specific longitude and latitude of pictures that you upload.

Information that you voluntarily & deliberately submit, think pictures, blogs, tweets, or Facebook wall posts. All count towards your active digital footprint. Both footprints combine to form your online reputation, or the opinion that others hold of you. This digital footprint can act as a reality check for many when they realize postings they made as a child or teen might come back to haunt them as an adult.

Digital Footprint

Developing Digital Knowledge

While the internet undoubtedly presents fantastic opportunities for children, it is equally clear that there is a real opportunity for children to be put at risk by their exposure to material and/or individuals which may be harmful. With the rapid evolution of internet technology, through internet on mobile phones and camera phones, parents need to understand that access to the internet is becoming increasingly diverse and therefore increasingly difficult to supervise.

Developing Knowledge

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